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  • Catching Up With HipHobbit

    WHATS UP Shneeky Blapsters.

    Snow Globe: its coming up whether you are ready or not. Among some of the insane talent we have blasting off at the official afterparties at the Horizon Casino, we present to you Timothy Rugo AKA  HipHobbit.

    I had a chance to do a short Q and A with this Tahoe local about his upcoming performance and the Tahoe bass scene.

    Be Sure to save some steam for his set which will be on the final night of the afterparties.


    Who is inspiring you at the moment?
    oh man, such a large list. musically – the beatles, hanson, nastynasty, opiuo, led zeppelin, wick-it the instigator, allanis morrissette, thievery corporation, straight punch to the crotch, mashup germany, girl talk, and milkman. just to name a few.

    The electronic scene has really blown up in 2011, are you stoked to see it being pushed into the mainstream?
    I have always loved the underground aspect of electronic music. terrible hole in the wall bars, renegades in the woods, and intimate festivals where the talent is not seperate from the fans. This is something they will never take away from us. However, if it sounds good, and people dance to it, there is no reason us to seperate ourselves from the “top 40”. People are people, and people love to dance. The main difference i see are the dj’s and producers who are truly involved and love the scene and aren’t just in it to produce gold records and reap massive profits. poor kids have soul

    What was your favorite show of the year
    my favorite show in 2011 was EOTO’s set at the temple of boom at ze burn. i was super bummed to hear jason tell the awaiting crowd the night before that they had to cancel their show, and was forced to listen to electro and house all night. But my dreams came true when Jason and Michael threw down mighty!!! The guys are true musical pioneers in my eyes, completley original and live, bringing electronic music to a new level.

    What are your thoughts on Skrillex and the emergence of so called Bro-step
    ehhhh. chainsaws and metal have never been my scene. i live for dance music, especially corny dance music. But, congratulations to him, grammy nominations! Different strokes for different folks; The world would be very bland without diversity.

    Walk us through a HipHobbit Set
    Basically, I love every genre of music. I love to dance as much as laugh. I take samples from just about every musical influence in my life. Whether its top40, corny, dubstep, house, electro, folk, punk, or polka. Live sets are all live mashups, blending whatever gets the crowd going. I usually stick to mid tempo (80-120 BPM)I’ll link a few random mashers to give you a taste!

    Whats your go-2 song to get the crowd up and jumping
    My favorite song that really seems to get people going is a Mac Dre/Edward Sharpe/Opiuo masher called “ThizzleHome”. Real Opiuo bass heavy and just a good feeling track. Listening to it makes me think of my home – Black Rock City!

    Gnarliest Tahoe Party moment?
    Opening with my good friends the Community Pro-Jeckt for EOTO at Club Blue at the casinos. This was the first time i was inducted to the ninja cutthroat game. (when someone fake slices your neck you have to fall on the floor no matter what you are doing, what you are holding, and who you talking to. Then you must play dead for a minimum of 10 seconds NO MATTER WHAT!) I got my throat slit while double fisting drinks and fell immediatley on the dancefloor. Security picked me up because they thought i was OD’ing or something, and i couldn’t explain myself until the 10 seconds were up and they had already almost drug me out of the place. Luckily, they understood and i raged the rest of the night.

    What makes Tahoe a fun place to party?
    we live in a postcard. We party all night, and wake up by 9 to go shred powpow. Mountain lifestyle. People are laid back, eager to have a good time, and there is a fast growing bass community!

    What will you be sipping on to keep warm at the festival?
    BACON BOMBS! whiskey, redbull, chardonayy, and sizzling bacon.

    Whose prettier, John Stamos or Mario Lopez?
    stamos. no further explanation needed.

    Whats the Last Favor You had to call in?
    airport pick ups, and soup when i was sick in bed.

    Last time you fist pumped?
    last night at opal. MINDFUL MASSIVE KILLING IT! (i double fist pump on the daily)

    What do you think was the Biggest Tune of 2011
    Hypha & Bleep Bloop – FutureFleshFucktastic

    amazing amazing kids. making big tunes. but honestly, there are way too many good songs being made every day. but hypha is my final answer.

    Where would you like to see electronic music go in 2012?
    More innovation. Less boundaries. Don’t play to fads, do your own thing. Producers like Heyoka and NastyNasty are really doing their thang. Keeping it sexy, danceable, and more importantly unique. I want to hear artists that i recognize from hearing the first 10 seconds of a track. DONT FALL VICTIM TO FADS!

    Thanks a ton, getting real pumped to play the SnowGlobe Afterparty. Loved the interview questions. Can’t wait to see you all there!

    and here’s a taste of what i do. Love it or Hate it – this is hiphobbit.

    all of my tracks are free for download. enjoy!!!!!




    YES.  YOU READ RIGHT.  BLAP Productions has teamed up with the good people at SnowGlobe Music Festival to bring you the SNOWGLOBE OFFICIAL AFTER PARTIES @ The Horizon Casino Resort  – just in case you need an excuse to keep things rockin each evening ON THE STRIP and IN THE CASINO.

    BLAP_LateNightThurs_12.29BLAP_LateNightFri_12.30Top Shelf Lighting.

    FOLKS – We are setting this up to be your place of comfort and dancing for you and your friends after full evenings of #snowBASS.

    Come join us and bring in the 2012 with some BLAP & SNOWGLOBE #SNOWBASS!!!!!


    “My girlfriend says Madeon sucks, She’s single now. Just kidding. She’s dead.”

    Is it true that you have to crawl before you walk, or are there those that simply are born RUNNING? When listening to this guy it is clear that people can fly and that kids can be GIANTS when born with extreme talent and great f’in ears.

    Hardly old enough to drive in North America, FRENCH born self-describe “electro-pop-house” artist MADEON is killing it and has been praised by industry greats such as Skrillix and Deadmau5. He was 16 when he made this REMIX!

    Now, just 17 years old, he is bringing his talents to beautiful Lake Tahoe California for a LOTaBIT of snowBASS at the SnowGlobe Music Festival and official after party Hosted by BLAP PRODUCTIONS Friday December 30, 2011.


    If you are looking for “something WE can dance too” YOU are in for a real treat! Simply put the music POPS and has a sound of that old FUNKY stuff mixed with an upbeat twist of that NEW electronic DISCO shit. Sometimes the only thing you can say is WOW that was NASTY SICK, HOW DID HE DO THAT?

    Listen you must, if you already have not, to the following tracks:

    Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix) @ Pete Tong 05.13.11 by Madeon  weaponsGRADE

    Madeon – Icarus (Edit) by zmac007 – S H N E E K Y-

    Yelle – Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix) by Madeon

    Msystem Vs Madeon – Music sounds better for you by Msystem

    Needless to say I am super pumped for MADEON.  My head will still be moving to the beat when the sound is off and all the people in the room have funky hats on. Make sure you peep the SWAG and LISTEN UP.



    The first artist we are going showcase is a bit of a mystery to all, Satellites.  If you try and google him all you get is real space satellites, if you email his manager, he wont even give you his name but if you listen to his music you will be searching for more.  His first track to preview is called ”Here’s a ghost you can find”…how ironic.

    Satellites is signed to Kid Without Radio (KWR), a Colorado based music label host to the likes of Egadz, Edison, Battery Collection and Upsidedown Astronaut as well. According to David Moke of EndIT Management, KWR “has played host to some of the most influential groundbreaking electronic musicians known worldwide, and has coined the viral marketing strategies behind playing music with controllers. So when I say that the guys over at Kid Without Radio are super psyched about the new project Satellites, it probably means that it’s going to surpass anything KWR has ever put their name on. The one thing we know for sure from watching the live show is that there is nothing Satellites can’t incorporate audio/visually to stimulate the worst of case ADD.”

    The short on Satellites is an arsenal of Electro-psychy blip bass filled bangers. Here’s a HQ video of his performance at LA’s Low End Theory this past May.

    His show will speak for himself and be sure to be one of the first to catch him live at SnowGlobe and in an intimate venue at the after party on December 30th opening up for Madeon at the Horizon Casino Resort.


    – A_BLAP


  • Snowglobe: New Years Eve Weekend 2012 South Lake Tahoe


    It’s a no brainer for where the BLAP Productions team is gonna be when the ball drops on 2012. The bossmen over at SNOWBALL, the very successful Colorado music festival have expanded to South Lake Tahoe for a New Year’s weekend unlike anything we have ever seen before. With headliners Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Thievery Corporation & the Glitch Mob, we knew this festival was gonna be an ABONIMAL SNOWBASS MONSTER. Add supporting acts such as A-Trak, Dillon Francis, Paper Diamond, Madeon, Porter Robinson, Datsik and a slew of some EDM’s hottest upcoming stars, and you have a weekend destined to start out 2012 with a BANG.

    Check the official website here:

    Day to Day Lineup Here:

    and get your tickets here:

    Don’t say we didn’t tell you.