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  • The Lifestyle Vol. 1

    Hey Blap Friends and fans! Hope 2012 is treating you well! We are proud to be the first ladies representing the Blap crew, bringing you new tunes, keeping you up to date on upcoming events, and being (more than) slightly out of control iS our Specialty! My name is Natalie, my lovely co-writer is Kendall, together, we are the BadChaperones. Expect to hear a lot from us this year!
    I had originally intended to interview a major DJ who recently played in Santa Barbara. We had the opportunity to hang out with him, but he turned out to be a bit of a diva. Usually I am pretty good at handling dicks (pro dick handler??) but this time I was having some technical difficulties. Regardless, we had a lovely time watching him work the crowd in SB at EOS Lounge, along with David Tannin and our favorite resident DJ, DJ Mackle!

    I do, however, have an exclusive mix and interview with a good DJ friend of mine. DJ Sero has been DJing at major nightclubs in Tokyo since he was only 17. He is currently attending UCSB and will be playing his first set in Santa Barbara at EOS on the 16th, Opening for MYNDSET. Def give his mix a listen, and subscribe to his podcast.
    First things first: What is your favorite champagne? Moet
    Who is your favorite upcoming dj? Avicii
    What would be your Dream club or festival to play at? Avalon
    How are American and Japanese crowds different? Its more practical to me to dj in the US. American people understand the lyrics and dance, it requires skills to do well. Japanese people barely dance if they dont know the songs so we play top 40s and 4 beats so that everybody easily can follow the beats. Clubs were the places where people visit to dance and listen to music but right now clubs are becoming a social networking places. Some people don’t even listen to music but talk to girls.
    What is the weirdest song request you’ve ever had? 
    I forgot the title but it was Korean. Japanese clubs don’t usually play Korean or Japanese songs except for certain kinds of events.
    Why do you prefer to use serrato?
    I need to play all genres due to the recent club trends, so serato is convenient. However, there are many people who start calling themselves “DJs” because of its easiness. They use Eyes to Dj not Ears lol
    What was your favorite track of 2011? As a DJ, Party Rock Anthem.
    Personally, the arrival of progressive made me amazed.
    “Fuck School” by Avicii.
    The BadChaperones sent Seiro some of our favorite tracks from the past year and he was kind enough to make us a mix, and threw in some curves to keep you on your toes (and on your feet, dancing).

    The official Snowglobe after video is finally up, including clips from Blap production’s Dillon francis afterparty (at 4:20). Watch the whole thing and prepare yourself to be upset you missed out, or wish you were back there.

    I have had a recent obsession with Team Jaguar… If you aren’t familiar with them check out their Soundcloud HERE. Team Jaguar is one of the moombahton artists we listened to that helped us get a grasp on the genre. Their edits are epic, bootyshakin and have all the elements of a true moombah track. Some of these are a little older, but still very relevant. A few of my favorites are below:

    Download Les Petits Pilous Lazy Rider (Team Jaguar Moombahton Edit)

    Download Chuckie & Mastiksoul feat Tok Body Move (Team Jaguar Moombahton Edit)

    Download GlowinthedDark Maskara (Team Jaguar Moombahton Edit)

    Now we leave you in the VERY capable hands of our mystery blogger, who has a handfull of tracks that are well worth your d/l. This young lady will be a staple in our future posts, so get used to her style.

    Ohhhh boy… I got that honey, that suga, that spice! This tune gives you a little bit of everything, but the moombah is what tops it off. Even as a dude, you will secretly want to start snapping your fingers and swing your head from side to side…

    Download Chiddy Bang Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Moombahton Remix)
    Love Thy Brother remixed this song to perfection. They brought a unique and inspirational melody throughout the entire song. Take a minute and listen to their soundcloud, (their Lana Del Ray remix in particular)… The doods have got some talent!

    Download Daughter Youth (Love Thy Brother Remix)
    Eaaaaarrrrgasssmmm. The sexy voice singing on the track mixed with Coven’s beat is heavenly.

    Download Coven Wake You Up

    So maybe you will feel a little weird the first 30 seconds or so, as if you are about to be handed a lightsaber… Perhaps this is because this track is originally from STARWARS!! Make sure to give the entire tune a listen, it changes up a bit throughout the song.

    Download John Williams Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix)
    BIG G! The new Nocturnal album came out at the beginning of January, and it is great the entire way through. When I gave a listen to his album my first few times, I always found myself bumpin’ these three tracks. Stronger in particular is very upbeat and towards the second half of the tune he builds up to an awesome drop that will no doubt leave your head banging.

    Download Big Gigantic Nocturnal

    Download Big Gigantic Stronger

    Download Big Gigantic Rise And Shine
    PL just recently released this track. Its unique jazz melody is amazing, especially when you are relaxing.

    Download Pretty Lights We Must Go On
    Minnesota never fails to amaze me. Here’s another chilled out tune I could even fall asleep to.

    Download Fenech Soler Demons (Minnesota Remix)
    This is an old dub track that I just recently stumbled upon. Currently being my favorite song, I had to include it. Put on some loud speakers or nice headphones, and blast this shit! It’s a more calming song than anything, but the bassline is so good that you gotta listen in good quality.

    Download Nightcore I Walk Alone (Dillon Francis Remix)

    Well babies, that’s all we have for you now.  Hope this starts you week off the right way. xoxo ~ BadChaperones~

  • Theory & J Boogie remixes feat. Outkast, E-40 & Los Rakas

    Straight from the studio’s in San Francisco DJ Thoery and J Boogie, are dropping a double sided remix collaboration featuring two of hip hops best Outkast and E-40.

    Theory mixed up Outkast original ”Jazzy Belle” bringing a sexy moombahSOUL vibe that he does so well, spicing it up a little for the ladies.

    Theory – Jazzy Belle – (Edit Pack w/J-Boogie in description)

    Click here to download

    J Boogie, kept it close to the YAY AREA using E-40’s lyrics from ”Candy (Drippin’ like Water)” and the Panamanian born Bay Area residing hyphy Reggaeton crew LOS RAKAS.

    J Boogie – Motto Moombah feat. Los Rakas & E-40 (w/ Theory in Description)

    Click here to download

    Pass this on and download both tracks here

    Had to throw in an all time favorite – Las Rakas favorite feat. Uproot Andy – ”Abrazame”

    -BLAP Productions






    This Saturday at Monarch get ready for the 49ers Sunday Triumph with an evening of musical FUEGO unlike anything you have seen in 2012. We are proud to present to you moombah DON David Heartbreak, alongside SF’s hottest rising DJ’s, DJ Theory and Vin Sol / 5kin&BONE5 & DJ Umami!


    Heartbreak – Cloud 9


    Deejay Theory ft. Jah Dan – Quick Money (So Shifty Soca RMX – Theory Edit)


    Brenmar – Let Me Know (5kin&bone5 RMX)


    Late in the Spring of 2009 a new genre of music found its way into our headphones, MOOMBAHTON. We are pumped to have Moombah pioneer David Heartbreak this weekend, a DJ/producer covering the various faces of moombah and more, from the bedroom to the dancefloor. With 10 free EP’s released (mostly on Mad Decent), including his M1-M7 series, his H&M collab’s with Moombah-Bash-Brotha Munchi, his Cloud 9 Future Bass EP, and the soon to be legendary trifecta Moombahsoul series, Heartbreak has brought Moombahton to the EDM world in a whole new way.

    David Hearbreak – Love & Hate ”


    David Heartbreak – Style & Grace


    As the EDM scene has grown and launched into new realms &  tempos, so has Mr. Heartbreak, ‘’getting knee-deep, into the world of global bass, dutch house and dancehall.’’  What better city in the world to premier some of his newest eclectic hits than San Francisco!


    128 & Heartbreak

    Heartbreak – E.L.M.O.

    Check the ELMO remixes recently released on Mad Decent


    Future Bass

    Heartbreak – Diving into You

    Heartbreak – Reasons


    San Francisco has some huge treats in store over the coming month for everyone to get a chance to see a growing genre of music that is bound to stick around for awhile and open a whole new avenue for producers, DJs, fans and all around music lovers. To keep things going here’s a couple new treats from 5Skin&Bone5:

    Let’s touch on the venue for a moment, Monarch!  This new venue has huge music and industry minds behind it, such as Tadd Cortell (CAV Wine Bar), Manny Alferez (Triple Crown), Micah Burns, and Chris Smith (Om Records) making this a place to be experienced.  With a mellow upstairs lounge to allow you to ease into the night and a downstairs room built for a party with a massive sound system!

    RSVP here for ‘’Fever’’ and receive free SVEDKA & RED BULL from 9-10pm.


     Everything you will need to start the pre-game for the NINERS Victory Sunday afternoon!


    A year after we saw our  first LIVE Moombahton show (BLOW YOUR HEAD Vol. 4) in LA, we can tell you we finally have some major players in the game coming to San Francisco.  INFO AND TICKETS click HERE


    BLAP Productions

  • Artist Preview : Paper Diamond

    I am sure a lot of you who have been following us know who Paper Diamond is but some of you may be asking who is Paper Diamond? The Colorado based artist will be making quite an introduction this week. Alex B or better known as Paper Diamond has been dropping some major tracks since signing for Pretty Lights Record Label. If you have heard Paper Diamond before then you would think he has a very similar sound to Pretty Lights but with a little twist.  The thing is though that his sound has raw energy and the kind of dramatic anticipation only a seasoned producer can incite. His sound has rich tones rumbling under layers of spacey synthesizers, and catchy vocals.  With that being said I think 2012 is going to be a huge year for Paper Diamond and there is no better way to enter the new year than getting down with Paper Diamond.

    Paper Diamond – Can we go up

    Paper Diamond – Better Things

    Paper Diamond – Levitate


  • Get Down with Dillon Francis


    What up everyone! The SNOWGLOBE buzz is in the air and I myself am looking forward to seeing a grip of the talent. One of my personal favorites and an up-in-coming monster in every genre from dubstep to moombahton is Dillon Francis.

    Coming right out of LA, Dillon Francis broke into the electronic music scene and has done nothing other than take it by force. He has been touring non-stop as well as making an appearance at this years HARD Haunted Mansion and will  be setting sail on the maiden voyage of HARD’s Holy Ship! in January. Dillon has been recognized by many influential artists for his abilities and has been able to collaborate with the likes of many such as Diplo and Steve Aoki.

    But back to the point. He will be joining us all at SNOWGLOBE this Thursday, December 29 from 6:30-7:45 in the Sierra tent. And if that isn’t enough (it never is!) Dillon Francis will also be throwing down at the BLAP sponsored  SNOWGLOBE afterparty @ Horizon Casino that evening along with Kraddy, The M Machine, DJ Dials, Ototoxik, ans Tymx from 11pm – 5am for all you animals still ready to BLAST! Tickets begin at $22 and are available HERE.



    Now here are some tracks for you all.

    And remember… BLAP, SHNEEK, and GET THE FUCK DOWN!


    Dillon Francis – Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Remix)


    Kill the Noise – KillThe Noise (Dillon Francis Remix)


    Steve Aoki – Earthquakey People (Dillon Francis Remix)


    Kito, Reija Lee – Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix)


    Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix)



    And for a treat, here’s a mash-up I just finished…DADA NOIZE!!!

    Boys Noize vs. Dada Life – Kontact The Epic Motherf**ker (DHD MashUp)


    See ya in Tahoe…